The Band

Based out of Dublin, Nights on Broadway  members all contribute certain styles that capture a mix of classic Bee Gees, with the energy and intensity similar to one of their live performances.

The Bee Gees are well known as one of the best acts ever, and Nights on Broadway lives up to that legacy in every way.
Through Nights on Broadway musicianship, staging, sound and preformance the experience is something you will never forget.
Night on Broadway are responsible for bringing The Bee Gees Music all over the world.
  • Barry Gibb – Tony Kelly, vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Robin Gibb – Dom J. Davis, vocals, lead guitar
  • Maurice Gibb – Peter Simpson, vocals, piano/keyboards, acoustic guitar
  • Musical Director – J Black, piano/keyboards, acoustic guitar
  • Drums & Percussion- Johnny Leon
  • Bass Guitar – Jonnie  ( The Cap )
  • Female vocals – various

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